Six weeks to go…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 19.16.34

“Get some rest while you can!”
“Make sure you sleep!”
“Enjoy this time, you’ll never get it back!”

A few snippets of advice I’ve been given as I enter the final weeks of this pregnancy. I am trying, I promise. I slept for two hours this afternoon, a luxury, I know. The only problem is I’m finding it hard to relax. In book form, my to-do list would be the Lord of the Rings. Or maybe even the Bible. A never-ending conveyor belt of tasks. As soon as one is ticked off, another appears. I’ve made so many lists I’ve lost half of them. On my phone, on bits of paper, on my computer. Pin them together and it’s a manuscript J.R.R.Tolkien would be proud of.

Then there are the other joys of pregnancy. Here’s some of my highlights:

1. The “waddle”. Heels? pah ha ha, forget it. Stylish clothes? Yeah, right. Oh to be one of those glamorous women, looking incredible despite the fact they’re growing another human being inside them. Instead, I’m already perfecting the washed-out mummy look. Leggings = my best friend. Slouchy jumpers rule. I currently resemble a swaying, portly, slightly flushed bowling ball.

2. Ten-minute toilet stops. As in going every ten minutes. Heaving myself off the sofa/out of bed using a series of carefully calculated manoeuvres that wouldn’t go astray on an assault course.

3. Baby brain. Leaving the front door wide open. Leaving my phone in a shop. Trying to get through the doors at work using my bank card. Endless and shameless.

4. The daily commute. Urgh. Say no more.

5. Baby gear: So many options. So much stuff. Travel systems. The Buffalo. The Burglar. The Heifer. (I may have made some of these up).

6. Going up stairs. Any stairs. Yuck.

7. Obsessing over the baby. I *may have succumbed to the “What will your baby look like” app…

8. Hypnobirthing. Yes. Definitely giving this a go. Unfortunately it was so relaxing I fell asleep just after the DVD started, and woke up at the end.

9. Fretting. Have I bought enough baby clothes? What needs to go in my hospital bag? Should I be reading more baby books? This will definitely continue until he arrives. And then continue on a much grander scale.

10. Juggling the hormones. One minute I’m a self-assured, exited, happy, mum-to-be. The next I’m a blubbering, emotional wreck. Anything remotely tear-jerking and I’m off. Keep that John Lewis ad away from me…


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