Ok. I’m the first I’ll hold my hands up and admit it. I generally love reality shows, particularly the music-related ones. For years I’ve settled down on the sofa on a Saturday night with a glass of wine and child-like excitement to watch wannabe pop stars singing otheir little hearts out. Some are atrocious, some are astounding. Some are arrogant, others are wallflowers. But it all adds to the money-making machine right? “On the money.” And yes, I’m guilty of being one of those who buy in.

One thing I do take exception to, however, is when big name acts come on and mime. Surely it’s only fair that if you’re making a bunch of terrified amateurs sing then *cue booming TV vocie*  “Miss Megatrona!” or “Mr Moves!” should have to pick up that mic and – shock horror – use their vocal cords?

Last night I sat and watched a particularly popular reality show here in Britain. The first two acts were definitely miming, and I suspect the third act followed suit. I’m sure some of you will think I am being a bit harsh. And has been pointed out that perhaps these guys don’t have time to get ‘miked up’ because of their busy schedules. However, I still think it’s a cop-out. They need to get Katy Perry back on, who sang her heart out (live) a couple of weeks ago, and was bloody fantastic. Roar!

In terms of being a role-model, what sort of example does miming set the millions of impressionable kids watching at home? “Look mum, aren’t they brilliant, singing and dancing at the same time.” Except, well, actually they’re not…..

It gives young people the idea that these stars are flawless, when in reality no-one is. I’d have much more respect if Miss Megatrona got up and sang a few bum notes than being made to endure a note-perfect rendition from Lip-Sync R Us.

Hereth ends my Monday rant!


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