Diary of a slightly scared runner – Dear 20 miles…

Pic courtesy of BrinaWilliamson.com

Dear 20 miles,

Finally, we are friends. I feared we may never meet. Our relationship was fraught with difficulties from the start. I’ve done a lot in your name, you know. Amassed enough medicine and pain relief pills to start my own pharmacy. My flat has the lingering whiff of Deep Heat, fear and expectation. The bottled water in my fridge could fill the Pacific. I spend most of my time looking dishevelled in trainers and a T-shirt (yeah, ok, that’s par for the course.)  My partner’s dubbed me “sturdy dwarf warrior” – a term not wholly acceptable or embraced by my good self. Although I do feel like I’ve been living in a bizarre Middle Earth universe for the last few months. A surreal blur of persevering, sweating, hurting and crying. The best case in point being when I staggered past your pal, Mile 19, yesterday.

I didn’t like you for a long time. You seemed so far way from my sweaty-palm’s grasp. An unknown quantity, elusive and aloof. Yes, I was scared. But I was determined to get to you.

I’ve had bones crunched you know. Literally. Crushing my bottle containing part of the Pacific with a vice-like grip while the physio inflicts immense pain on my weeping muscles. Blistered toes, huge doses of grumpiness and the constant worrying about whether we would ever become acquainted.

Well yesterday we did. I liked your buddies up to Mile 14. Miles 15-17 were ok, but I wouldn’t want to hang out with them all the time. Miles 18 and 19 I hated with a passion. But when I got to you, it was all ok. Like returning to a long-lost friend. I cried. Then I was happy. Very happy.

I hope I’m going to meet your friends in higher places in around a month’s time. I suspect I won’t like them much. But then I get to wrap my arms round Mile 26. Something tells me its friendly face will mean the most.

Ever your sturdy dwarf warrior,


Ps: If you could make my next journey to meet you a bit easier, I’d appreciate that. Ta.

* I’m running the London Marathon for Prostate Cancer UK, in memory of my grandfather. All donations are very much appreciated. My sponsorship page is: http://www.justgiving.com/Louise-runs-London Or text OVGF67 & amount (£1, £5 etc) to 70070. Thank you so much.


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