Cobwebs, spires and other snaps

As I was coming back home tonight after a run, I noticed some cobwebs sparkling on the gates next to my flat. Given it was foggy and quite atmospheric, I decided to take a picture of them on my phone.

During this year I’ve enjoyed taking photos and playing around with them using filters. I’m by no means a professional – in my job as a journalist I’ve worked with some fantastic photographers who truly have an eye for what will look good, and always manage to get those “on the money” shots. But it’s a hobby I do enjoy. My worst ever photo was one of President Obama and his wife Michelle when they visited Westminster Abbey a couple of years ago. It was taken from a distance, extremely blurred, and all you could make out was part of Michelle’s purple dress!

In the photo above, I like the imposing feel of the gates compared to the delicate, pretty web that’s been woven. The tree in the bottom right hand corner gives it a more sinister feel – what lies behind those gates?…my flat as it happens!

Here’s some other pictures I’ve taken this year.

Regent’s Park, London

I think the bird  looks quite serene in this photo. Love the colour of the leaves in this one.


A wonderful city where I spend a lot of time. The city of Dreaming Spires.

Rhodes, Greece

A balmy summer night on holiday in Rhodes. Many of the buildings next to the hotel we were staying in, not far from this spot, had closed because of Greece’s financial problems. Really sad. A beautiful place. Sunsets to die for.

London Eye

I took this whilst walking to meet a friend for dinner one summer evening. Living in London it’s easy to forget how striking its landmarks are. The filter gives it a vintage feel.


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