Battling Bridezilla – Pistachio ice cream, unicorns and chandeliers

You can get wedding invitations in pistachio? Pistachio. They also do them in cardinal red, apparently. And, here’s the best one…Ice Cream. If we want, we can have our invitations in Ice Cream.

This got me thinking;  Why not go the whole hog and have an ice cream-themed wedding?  We could put ice cream prints on the stationary, serve ice cream at the reception and my bridesmaids could walk down the aisle holding ice creams. In fact why doesn’t everyone dress as giant ice creams? Wedding guests/marathon fun runners.

I thought choosing invitations would be easy. I wanted something simple but pretty and straight to the point.

Photo by

I think I wrote in a previous post about the myriad choices when wedding planning. Well this extends to invitations. And not all these choices are particularly palatable. Here are some of the more, er,  interesting ones:

1. Chandelier-layered wedding invitations. Enlightening. And about the same cost of a chandelier. In Buckingham Palace.

2. Lace laser-cut invitations. No idea what that means, but it sounds painful.

3. Wind and Flame romantic unicorn invitations. In FELT. Needs no further comment.

4. Featuring a stick man bride and groom (think toilet door signs) with the words “Game Over” underneath. Brownie points for amusement; doesn’t rank too highly in the appropriateness stakes.

5. “Finally I have found the key to happiness.” With a small key dangling on a chain. Sick bags at the ready.

So, Ice Cream invitations it is. In Pistachio ice cream, of course.


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