One of my favourite seasons. Changes in the wind and air. The low, mellow light of the sun, fading lazily beneath the trees. Burnished beauties of red, orange and green. The crispy crunch of the leaves underfoot as I run, white breath floating around my face.

This season. Gaggles of school children heading home in the late afternoon. Welcoming guisers at the door. My life’s year-end. Another year beginning.

Memories. Walking home with oversized satchel on my back, scuffing my ‘sensible’ shoes. Happy, carefree days.

Hanging out with friends, awkward and uncertain about the path ahead. The grass fresh with tinges of frost as we take a detour through the playing fields, eating chunks of cheese and talking about boys. Conkers. Woolly jumpers.  The start of the hockey season, the smack of the ball and goosebumps rising as the brisk gust starts to bite.

Nature shedding its skin, preparing for the bleak days ahead before the blossom of Spring.

Reminiscing. Reinvigorating. Autumn.


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