3D Printing: Technology of the future?

After reading about it online, I got myself along to the 3D printing exhitibion at London’s Science Museum.

With a multitude of 3D-printed objects on display, and explanations of how the technology works, it’s certainly been attracting the crowds in the capital.

So, how does it work? Well, in a nutshell, 3D printing works by taking computer data and then printing out the design in layers. It’s hoped it could lead to advances in medicine, the engineering industry, and the arts.

There are also some quirky objects, like a cute duck that’s been printed off! As well as some really impressive ones – a printed bicycle hangs from the wall and there are printed models of Britain’s Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

This exhibition is definitely worth a visit. If you want a sneak peek check out my video.

3D printing video


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